How To Make Money From Home Online 2017

The online market is filled with endless opportunities. Of late, most people spend the majority of their time online.If you want to know how to make money from home online,this will be the guide fro you. Be it on social media websites or just surfing the web. Individuals particularly between the ages of 16 to 30 log onto the internet at least once every hour! As a result, more and more companies are trying to market their products online. Others are even looking to move their services online completely. What you end up with, therefore, is a lucrative opportunity to utilize the companies’ need to run online and the big online population to make money. While there are legitimate websites online businesses there are also other scam sites. This is why it is always advisable that you remain vigilant in this venture. The best legitimate ways to make money online include:

How To Make Money From Home - 8 Best Ways

how to make money from home online

1. Being an affiliate blogger

If you have exceptional writing skills, then you better learn of ways to utilize and make money off of it. Most bloggers enjoy writing their blogs, and therefore this is an ideal way of earning money from what they already like doing. Affiliate blogging involves the writing of blogs about other companies’ products and services. This is especially a magnificent field for individuals who have already run their blogging sites. It gives them an added advantage of both the experience needed and an already existing audience that they have. As an affiliate blogger, a company could pay you for running advertisements that are linked to their websites. From this type of blogging, you could be earning as much as $50 or more per 1000 hits. It all depends on how many people you get to read your blogs.

2. Carrying out online surveys

Conducting of online surveys is one of the easiest ways of earning money online. Here, all you have to do is to answer a couple of structured questionnaires. In the end, they could ask you for your general opinion or feedback about the product or the service that the questionnaires were about. These online surveys rarely take more than 30 minutes. Depending on the company, some could even be as short as 5 minutes long. In conducting surveys, you can expect to earn from $1 to $20 per survey. The income is dependent on some factors such as your country of residence, the length of the survey, the company you were surveying for and your profile.

3. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is a very popular way of earning money online. If you have exceptional writing skills then this is arguably your best option. You can earn between 50 cents to more than a dollar for every word you write. There are different types of contents that you could decide to specialize on. You could, for example, be writing academic papers for other people or companies, or you could be writing marketing or SEO articles. You can earn a fortune from this niche if you have excellent writing skills. Some of the legitimate sites for freelance writing are Writerbay, Iwriter, Academia, Asia writers, etc.

4. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is similar to a personal assistant except you don’t have to be physically present around your boss to get the job done. In this field, you can work from the comfort of your home and sometimes, on your schedule. All you need to start this is a laptop or PC and a good internet connection. As a virtual assistant you could be asked to handle travel arrangements, emails, conducting research, publishing content, writing, and proofreading among other things. There are legitimate companies such as 123Employee, MyTasker, and Zirtual that are always looking to hire virtual assistants.

5. Social media consultant

Social media has significantly transformed how companies interact with their customers. Businesses no longer have to limit their marketing on televisions anymore. In fact, if your target market is the teenagers then the best way to reach them would be through social media marketing and not television or newspaper. Well, unless if you are advertising on Netflix! This is simply because studies show that they spend most of their time online and not on TVs. To get the right person consulting for a company’s social media marketing, they will need one with vast experience in the field. If you know what, where, when and how Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook people need then you are capable of being a consultant. As a consultant, you could be advising the company on how to approach the social media people. In some cases, they could even hand you their business handles and usernames for you to run the advertising yourself.

6. Data entry work

It’s fair to say that almost all companies are currently trying to go digital. Even if it’s not entirely digital, most are ensuring that most of their data and information are being digitized. The process of hiring people and giving them the resources and space to enter this data is always very expensive. As a result, most companies opt to outsource data-entry staff. This work is typically simple to any individual with a PC, consistent power, and internet connectivity. If you have the above skills, then this job would be very easy for you. You can be earning as much as $20 per hour as an online data-entry staff.

7. Call-center agent

Years ago customers used to call companies directly for consultations, to make complaints or to order products. Over time this trend has however changed. Yes, the customers are still calling the companies, but it is no longer the enterprises that are on the other end of the phone. Most large businesses have employed call-center agents who are not even within their company’s premises. This is because hiring and housing all call-center agents has proven to be an expensive task. Instead, they go online and hire call-center agents. All you will need to have is good customer relations, a phone or headset attached to one and a laptop. The company will then provide you with a handbook explaining all possible queries that you could be answering. This job can earn you up to $15 per hour. Other companies will give you incentives if you make good sales.

8. Document translator

As businesses go global, they need to learn new local languages of the new markets they are targeting. They will need to translate most if not all of the website information showing the services/products they are offering. This provides an excellent opportunity for people who are well familiar with other languages. You could be translating English documents into Spanish, Korean, French, Japanese, etc. you could even be translating live conversations or recordings. If you are working on scientific or highly technical content earn as much as $40 per hour!

The above are just but a few of the online opportunities from which you can make money from home online. With these jobs, you can decide to either work full time or as a part time. The baseline is you do not have to let your free time go to waste. Utilize any of the above openings, and it will have a significant boost on your incomes.

5 Steps to your Online Marketing Success

My mentor said the person you will be in next 5 years depends on what books you read and by whom you spend time with. It just literally blown away my mind. This is true. But 5 years is a very long duration. Then he said you can condense the time frame by following these simple 5 steps. My mind started to roam around and keen to know what are those 5 steps!!

  • Make a strong decision: Everything starts with a decision. Whatever profession you are in right now, you had made a decision about it. We all make decisions in our life. But are our decisions strong enough to reach a particular goal we set? When a new year comes, everyone makes a list of resolutions, one of them must be to start working out in gym to lose pounds. First day you think about it, second day you become little bit lazy and after one week you say to yourself to do it next year. Why is that? One simple answer. Because your decision wasn’t strong enough to convince yourself. Make a complete strong decision that there are no other Plan B or Plan C. To build a successful business online you have to write this decision in your notebook. So that you can read about that decision each and every day.
  • Get a Proven Mentor: If you look into any successful person in this world, they had a mentor directly or indirectly. Same thing applies in your business also. Get mentorship from a person who is already successful in this field. But here is the secret to finding and selecting the right mentor for you. If you want to reach a particular goal, find a mentor who is way more ahead than that goal. For example, if you want to hit $10000 per month, find a mentor who is making 10 times than that money. If he is making 1 million per month, he can easily tell you how to make 10K per month.
  • The most important sale: When my mentor asked me what is the most important sell to you? The quickest answer came to my mind was “First Sale. Then what he told to me, it was really worth listening to. He said, the most important sale in your life is to selling yourself towards your decision. Now what does that mean? It means, if you can constantly tell yourself and convince yourself that the decision you have made is a right one and you are going to make it happen to get the desired result, then you are good to go. By this if people say anything negative about you during your journey you can easily avoid it.
  • Take massive imperfect action: Taking massive imperfect action is better than taking little or no perfect action. If you take massive imperfect action, your productivity level will increase on a daily basis. Even if you fail, you will learn from your failure, so that you will never repeat those mistakes again.
  • Success begets Success: Every little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Likewise, every little success of yours will drive you to the biggest success. So even if you get small success, enjoy it with your friends and families. Tell the world about your little success and be ready for the biggest one.

The Four Percent Group Review – Why everyone is talking about it?

You have landed to this page because probably you were searching for the four percent group review. You are welcome to stop by my site. In this detail article I showed everything about the four percent group and also I showed How much money I made using this system.

The Four percent group is a place for both online marketers and business opportunity seekers who pledge to do only 4% work but to get 96% result. That means minimal work, only which is required and maximum results. It's like doing smart work and by changing strategies towards marketing.It's a great idea for higher conversions,if you can come up with a new proven strategy which is not saturated. This is right place to hangout. Here only serious marketers share their strategies with each other.

​Selling Online is not so easy as well as not so hard if you know what you are doing.

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Meet the creator of The Four Percent Group

Have you ever thought about the writer of a novel before buying it? Is the person popular? Are his creations well appreciated all over world?

The creator of four percent group is none other than Vick Strizheus, Who is the creator of High Traffic Academy and also he has made a record in network marketing industry to earn huge amount of money in short amount of period.

He came up with the strategy that he will help a newbie to become from zero to hero that means from nobody to a successful independent online marketer in Just 90 days and to create as many success stories as he can.

This is not the first time he is the game of online marketing. He has already made millions of dollar online and also formed a company named High Traffic Academy, Where he teaches how to drive laser targeted traffic to your offer. Through this program he already made lots of success stories and this time he came up with a bigger mission and vision.

How will it help you to become a successful, independent marketer?

Vick says. .. Systems work, People fail.

He was thinking about an idea that if there were a Proven DONE-FOR-YOU system, where no human component is needed, the system will do 90% of the work itself, how awesome that would be?

People will just use the system and make money by marketing and promoting the system. Inside the four percent group there are 4 done-for-you funnels right now to promote other people’s product to make a commission. There are also marketing training to help you get started to produce sales and generate commission on a daily basis. I will tell about this later in this four percent group review. It also has M.S.I (Multiple source of incomes.) that means not only one affiliate product, but there are lots of other tool and recommended software to make money from different sources.

It has big ticket products as well as small ones also. It’s like a heaven in earth for affiliates. It’s a system where no human component is needed. The system works itself. You just need to drive traffic to a particular funnel, in whichever you are interested and the system does the rest including email follow ups, weekly hangouts and all. By the way It also has a very active Facebook group to get help and support if anybody is stuck in somewhere.

It’s always good if you follow the Bucket System. You may be thinking what Bucket System is. Here is the bucket Concept.

In a big bucket if you put small pebbles, then it will take lot of time and also lots of pebbles but if you can manage to put big boulders, it will fill up very fast very soon.

So what’s the connection between bucket concept and four percent group?

If you promote a funnel where front end it has low ticket product but at the back-end it has big ticket products. So let’s say your front end offer is a 47$ product which pays 22$ commission and at the back end there is a big ticket which is of 12 grand and it pays 4k and also if it had residual income stream?The four percent group has all these things in place.

It has all the marketing training and materials available in the member’s area. It’s not the typical training in the industry where you will get information overloaded and confused by what to do and what not to do. It’s a simple only 4% materials which will give you 96% of results and it’s true. I am gonna tell you about this training later in this post.

A Sneak Peek inside of the member’s area

What is Operation 101k?

It’s basically like a reality show you watch on the TV. It’s a 90 Day training program where Vick being a complete novice will show you how to build list from scratch and how to get to 100k in 90 days. That’s why it’s called Operation 100k.

It’s the best way to learn. Rather than reading text books and figuring it out by yourself, if somebody comes to you and illustrate everything in front you. Which one is the most effective way to get that thing? The second one. Right? You agree or disagree?

I have been in this internet marketing industry for 4 years now and I have not seen any guru teaching over the shoulder from start to finish. This is priceless. What typical marketers do, they will just give you pre-recorded videos and will make you confuse by giving lots of information.

You don’t need information. You need results. This information industry has a lot of potential and growth. Because who doesn’t want to know more about a thing if he/she is passionate about that thing. And the negative side of this is 99% of marketers are misusing it. Instead of showing real uncut raw over the shoulder how to training they are just bombarding with garbage. So that you will be confused and you will seek for information to clear all of your doubts. They will create another rubbish product and sell to you.

Trust me I was a victim of this thing. Since when I have realised the fact that I don’t need any more information, I need results. That may be also applies to you. You don’t need any more information. You just need goddamn results. Isn’t it?

Vick teaches to focus on the 4% traffic, which is the most valuable traffic because the other 96% is junk. If you are in this industry for quite a long time, you will be knowing that and inside the member’s area he also shows what the good traffic course is in the time being, which one converts and which one doesn’t and the 4% activities you need to do that to get the conversions. I mean money in your pocket. It teaches you how to become a magnetic entrepreneur. People will come to you without chasing after them because of the value and reputation you will have in this industry. All this will be included in this Operation 100K program.

So What is my Verdict?

No doubt, It's a great opportunity to build a successful business online. Since When I have joined this group, all I do is drive traffic to the landing page and the system does the rest for me. I have already shown you my results.

If you want to be a true four percenter then click here to get inside of the four percent group and if you join under my affiliate link there is a cool bonus for you.

I will offer you a 30 mins Skype call with me, where you can ask any question related to marketing and also I will show my strategies how I am doing marketing now a days.

Thank you for reading my four percent group review.