5 Steps to your Online Marketing Success

My mentor said the person you will be in next 5 years depends on what books you read and by whom you spend time with. It just literally blown away my mind. This is true. But 5 years is a very long duration. Then he said you can condense the time frame by following these simple 5 steps. My mind started to roam around and keen to know what are those 5 steps!!

  • Make a strong decision: Everything starts with a decision. Whatever profession you are in right now, you had made a decision about it. We all make decisions in our life. But are our decisions strong enough to reach a particular goal we set? When a new year comes, everyone makes a list of resolutions, one of them must be to start working out in gym to lose pounds. First day you think about it, second day you become little bit lazy and after one week you say to yourself to do it next year. Why is that? One simple answer. Because your decision wasn’t strong enough to convince yourself. Make a complete strong decision that there are no other Plan B or Plan C. To build a successful business online you have to write this decision in your notebook. So that you can read about that decision each and every day.
  • Get a Proven Mentor: If you look into any successful person in this world, they had a mentor directly or indirectly. Same thing applies in your business also. Get mentorship from a person who is already successful in this field. But here is the secret to finding and selecting the right mentor for you. If you want to reach a particular goal, find a mentor who is way more ahead than that goal. For example, if you want to hit $10000 per month, find a mentor who is making 10 times than that money. If he is making 1 million per month, he can easily tell you how to make 10K per month.
  • The most important sale: When my mentor asked me what is the most important sell to you? The quickest answer came to my mind was “First Sale. Then what he told to me, it was really worth listening to. He said, the most important sale in your life is to selling yourself towards your decision. Now what does that mean? It means, if you can constantly tell yourself and convince yourself that the decision you have made is a right one and you are going to make it happen to get the desired result, then you are good to go. By this if people say anything negative about you during your journey you can easily avoid it.
  • Take massive imperfect action: Taking massive imperfect action is better than taking little or no perfect action. If you take massive imperfect action, your productivity level will increase on a daily basis. Even if you fail, you will learn from your failure, so that you will never repeat those mistakes again.
  • Success begets Success: Every little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Likewise, every little success of yours will drive you to the biggest success. So even if you get small success, enjoy it with your friends and families. Tell the world about your little success and be ready for the biggest one.
Matt Cook

I am 23 Years old entrepreneur from United states. I started my journey on 2011 with building niche sites and SEO. Now blogging and online marketing is my full time job. Here in this blog I share my latest strategies and secrets of marketing approach.

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